GRIEVANCES REDRESSAL COMMITTEE

Committee for Redress of Grievances

 Any problem or annoyance experienced by a student or member of staff is considered a grievance. Grief is a collective mechanism that moves people upward. It provides important information to management about looming problems that a student or staff member may face. To address this, a Grievance Redressal Committee with the following members has been formed.


The following issues will be addressed by this committee.

  • This will assist students in overcoming their obstacles.
  • Work to create a gender-sensitive environment at our College by promoting a healthy working environment for all of our staff and students.
  • Upon receipt of a complaint or grievance, the Grievance Committee shall separate the complaint, consult with the relevant committee, and then forward the complaint to the appropriate committee.
  • The cases will be investigated directly by the concerned committee.
  • A hearing with the complainant or explanation from the affected party may be requested if necessary.