The Library was established in 1999. The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is attached to the main building. The library area is 5000 Sq.m. the LRC provides a pleasant, intellectually stimulating ambience and peaceful place to acquire knowledge. More than 10,000 users frequently refer to the library books/periodicals and Newspapers.

The Library Provides a Numbers of Services

1. News Paper clipping Service
2. Clipped content pages of Periodicals
3. Bibliographic Services
4. Reference Services
5. Referral Services provides the only sources for information through               institutional membership Americal Library
6. Selective Dissemination of information(SDI) service through journals
7. Book bank services
8. Question bank & Projects


1Total No of Books18428
2Total No of Book Title975
3Total No of Journals10
4Total No of Magazines46
5Total No of News papers09
6Total No of Reference Books796

* The LRC collects also thesis, project reports and back volumes of journals. The Non-book collection includes materials like Audio/Video, CD-ROM, disks etc..

* Library is making use of DDC classification (23rd Edition) for all its documents. For Cataloguing the library is making use of MARC II format.

The LRC has a Number of Computerized Services

  1. Acquisition Control
  2. Cataloging
  3. Serial Control
  4. Circulation Control
  5. Current Awareness Services
  6. CD Browsing Services

Book Bank Project

The Book Bank Project has established in the year 2006. It provides the text books to the needy and deserving students by collecting a refundable caution deposit of Rs.500/- for Science subjects & Rs.300/- for others. Initially 336 no’s of text books were issued to 112 first Year Students. Further the Project has been extended and currently more than 920 Students were benefited under Book Bank Project. We circulate 5843 volumes to needy students by the management in charitable basis. Text books are loaned for the beneficiaries till they complete their course.

Student selection

1. Application forms are issued every year.

2. Book Bank Project-Committee members select the deserved students.

3. Students have to return Application Form enclosed with Xerox copy of Higher Secondary Mark sheet, Community Certificate and Father’s or Guardian’s income certificate.


The library rules and regulations as stipulated below:

1. Library cards are not transferable.
2. Silence must be maintained in the library at all times.
3. Mobile phones must be on silent mode.
4. The library shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of belongings left by users in any part of the library.
5. Each student will be given two library cards for borrowing books from the library and one book on each ticket can be borrowed for two weeks.
6. The books should be returned on or before the due date failing which a fine of Rs.2/- per day for student.
7. If the student damages a book or losses a book, he/she will have to pay two times of the cost of book or replace the book.
8. Journals / Magazines will not be lent.

Library Working Hours:

The Library works between 9.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. 

Library Staff


1. Mr. Arul Balamuragan


N Sendhiya

2. Mrs. N. Sandhiya

Lib. Asst.


3. Mr. P. Gunasekaran

library attender