Department of Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance lie at the heart of business. Good accounting and financial management helps to keep the business under control, it also provides the owners, management and others with the information and the confidence to make the bold decisions and take the opportunities to help the enterprise group.

Accounting firms offer a bewildering array of career opportunities to suit all interests including Traditional Auditing and Assurance work, Management Consulting, Corporate Finance, I.T consulting, Tax planning, Human resources. The same is true for the large Investment Banks and Financial Institutions.

After gaining their professional qualifications, many accountants move into senior management positions in large firms. The Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) in many of the leading companies are qualified accountants.

Profile Of The Department

The department of Accounting & Finance takes pride in its establishment in the year 2008, and the same with Evening College started in 2009. The department offers an innovative 3 years undergraduate degree scheme and a fast track to qualification as a Chartered Accountant, ICWA, Company Secretaryship.

Course Info

Course Start Date 02/14/2018
Course End Date 05/31/2018
Estimated Duration 30 hours
Maximum Students 90
Time 11 AM
Levels Advanced
Course Cost 300

Course Teacher

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